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Recovery Equals Redemption

     In my decades-long journey as a soccer player, injuries have been a constant companion, from sprained ankles to stubborn shin splints. For years, I accepted these physical tolls as an inevitable part of the beautiful game. Reflecting on my early days on the field, I realize now that I neglected a crucial aspect of soccer: proactive body care. Like many young players, I focused solely on the game itself, disregarding the importance of recovery and injury prevention. It wasn't until later in my soccer career, when injuries became more frequent and debilitating, that I understood the significance of nurturing my body beyond the field.

     Looking back, I recognize the missed opportunity to prioritize recovery and injury prevention during my younger years. Had I been proactive about caring for my body, I could have potentially prevented numerous setbacks and prolonged my time on the field. This realization serves as a valuable lesson for both seasoned players and aspiring athletes alike: investing in proactive body care is not just an option but a necessity for longevity and sustained performance in soccer, or any sport for that matter. Soccer iQ Institute values the incorporation of proper recovery techniques and injury prevention strategies. From infrared saunas to massages to cold plunges, we offer an extensive recovery regimen for our student athletes to maintain their bodies and be ready for whatever the game throws at them. 


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