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At the Soccer iQ Institute, our main focus is on providing the best possible education to our student-athletes. To achieve this, we have designed an educational program that offers a unique combination of virtual, live, and in-person learning. Our project-based curriculum is tailored to meet the individual needs of our students, ensuring that they receive a top-tier education. We are confident that our innovative approach leads to success both academically and athletically, and we look forward to seeing our students excel in all areas of their lives. Join us today and experience the benefits of our winning formula for academic success!

Live Teachers

Our institute boasts a complete daily schedule of live, synchronous instruction delivered by fully credentialed teachers. With our cutting-edge technology and expert educators, our student-athletes will receive an unparalleled education that will set them up for success. 

Small Class Sizes

We're thrilled to offer programs that prioritize small class sizes and personalized attention for our student-athletes. Cohorts are divided based on grade level in our classroom space, while online students are matched with their respective grade level teachers through virtual programming. With the help of our dedicated teachers and Soccer iQ facilitators, our student-athletes receive daily, individualized support that helps them thrive. 

After School Tutoring 

We're excited to offer our students support for asynchronous assignments through group tutoring with a friendly facilitator at Soccer iQ. For those who prefer online tutoring, the virtual Tutor Zone is an excellent resource for success.

Facilitators during education hours

At Soccer iQ Institute, we understand that to excel in both academics and athletics, student-athletes need a supportive environment. That's why we provide education facilitators in the classroom to help with assignments, technology connectivity, and general care.

Synchronous & Asynchronous assignments

The virtual learning program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive approach to learning through synchronous and asynchronous work. Assignments are provided during class time, with a teacher present to guide and instruct students. This synchronous approach ensures that students stay focused and engaged throughout their learning experience, while also providing flexibility for additional work to be completed asynchronously.

In-Person School Events

Many of our virtual schooling options offer our student-athletes a range of exciting on-site activities, including field trips, science camps, recess, and library time. These opportunities provide a chance to engage with other program participants and enhance their overall experience.

What Our Clients Say

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Gray Lange, Parent of Soccer iQ Student

Our first month of Soccer IQ has been amazing. Léon really looks forward to the training sessions with coaches Trey and Jose. He also really enjoys getting to train with Joaquin. Having a training partner is so important for athletes. In just one month he’s learning more advanced technical and tactical aspects that we hadn’t known before. The coaches also do a great job of communicating lessons so that I can review them with Léon at home. With a better understanding myself, I am getting better at seeing if he’s making mistakes or accurately meeting the goals of the lessons within his play. And of course, the extra repetitions he’s getting are turning into more completed dribbles, passes and overall awareness in games. Since we’re talking about firsts: with in the first month at Soccer IQ, Léon got his first time reaching over 100 juggles, and his first hat trick of the season. 
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