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Soccer iQ: A Conversation with Our Directors on KCAL 9

We are excited to share that Soccer iQ's directors, Bridgette Robinson, Jose Hernandez, and Trey Scharlin, recently sat down with Chris Hayre on KCAL 9 for an enlightening interview about the institution. They explored the origins of Soccer iQ, revealing how the program was developed to address a critical need among student athletes. Recognizing that many student-athletes struggle in the classroom due to excess energy and a lack of physical outlets during long school hours, and often prioritize sports over academics, Soccer iQ was created to help these students excel both in school and on the field. By integrating soccer training with high-quality education, Soccer iQ provides a balanced approach that keeps students engaged and focused, allowing them to achieve their academic and athletic goals simultaneously.

Looking to the future, Robinson, Hernandez, and Scharlin shared their ambitious vision for Soccer iQ. They plan to expand the program to enroll at least 30 students in the upcoming years and aim to offer others the opportunity to bring Soccer iQ to their own communities. This expansion will ensure that high-quality education and soccer training are accessible nationwide. The unique format of Soccer iQ allows students to focus on their special interest in soccer, accelerating their development while still fulfilling their academic requirements at an accredited institution. This interview not only highlights the innovative origins of Soccer iQ but also underscores the directors' commitment to shaping the future of student-athlete education through a comprehensive and dynamic approach.


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